Red Line Professional Series 5W-40 Euro Motor Oil

Red Line Professional Series 5W-40 Euro Motor Oil

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Red Line Pro-Series Motor Oil:

  • FULL SYNTHETIC -- OEM-required Group III/Group IV PAO Base Stocks
  • Low volatility for reduced oil consumption
  • Long-life certification for reduced wear protection following factory drain intervals
  • For high- and low-mileage engines
  • Compatible with conventional and synthetic oils
  • Withstands extreme temperatures


  • Full-synthetic formula for passenger vehicles
  • OEM-certified for use under vehicle warranty
  • For extended drain intervals and fuel economy of European gasoline/petrol and direct injection diesel engines with particulate filters


  • BMW LL-01
  • Porsche A40 
  • Mercedes Benz MB - Approval 229.5
  • VW/Audi 505
  • VW/Audi 502

Recommended For:

  • Acea A3/B4-12
  • Mercedes Benz MB 229.3
  • Mercedes Benz MB 226.5
  • Renault RN0710
  • Renault RN 0700
  • PSA B71 2296

For health safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet at REDLINEOIL.COM 

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