"No Compromise" Philosophy

Driven Racing Oil, born from Joe Gibbs Racing, is formulated specifically for all-out racing and high-performance engines. Their product development team looks at the engine and how it’s used; then they design application specific products using a “zero compromise” approach that delivers a measurable performance advantage.

Specific Applications

The Driven Racing Oil brand was originally created to advance engine and driveline lubricant performance in professional racing engines. Today, their innovations extend beyond the racetrack to the street and more. Driven produces lubricants to meet specific applications for a wide variety of engine types.

Performance Advantage

Driven Racing Oil can provide power and protection to your performance engine in ways other oils can’t. Hot rodders and racers spend a lot of time working to make their cars unique. It’s an effort to reflect the owner’s unique personality or a way to gain an advantage on the competition. Either way, the car and engine are your pride and joy, and the investment is quite substantial.

Competition Drives Innovation

Driven Racing Oil delivers specialty lubricants designed to meet the requirements of specialty applications. All their products provide unique formulas developed with the application in mind first. Just like a race-winning engine, the oil is built to excel in its specific application. It requires research, testing, attention to detail and an unwillingness to never cut corners. No oil is tested in competition like Driven Racing Oil, and no oil has proven itself in Victory Lane like Driven Racing Oil. That’s a track record to believe in.