Built With Pride

CRAFTSMAN® is an authentic American icon. For almost a century, it’s been a brand that homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts and master mechanics trust to get their projects done right. CRAFTSMAN® tools, equipment and fluids work as hard as you do.

Time Well Spent

CRAFTSMAN® believes that time spent with tools should be time well spent. Look for reasons to get your hands dirty. Take pride in every accomplishment, from the simplest oil change to coaxing a few more horsepower from your favorite ride.

American Made

CRAFTSMAN® fluids are made from high-quality base stocks, with OEM approved viscosity and meet all required certifications. Proudly made in Golden Valley, Minnesota from global materials, you can trust CRAFTSMAN® fluids to exceed your expectations

An American Icon

The CRAFTSMAN® brand made its debut in 1927. Over the coming decades, countless products – from its first electric drill (1929) to riding lawnmowers (1959) to a laser miter saw (2001) – made CRAFTSMAN® one of the most recognizable and respected brands in history. Time after time, consumers rank the brand as a leader in innovation, brand expectations and trust. You can depend on CRAFTSMAN® for products and fluids that work as hard as you do and for CRAFTSMAN® to stand behind those products as they have from the beginning.