Professional Look

The Novus product line cleans, shines, and polishes many automotive and household plastic surfaces. You can quickly and easily remove scratches, haziness, and abrasions in multiple applications such as auto headlamps, gauges and instrument panels, safety shields and goggles and more.

Easy to Use

As widely used as plastic is, many people are still not sure how to care for it. In just minutes, you can make old plastic and acrylic surfaces look brand new. Best of all, you don't have to be a pro to get professional results. With multiple uses from cars to motorcycles to boats and many household applications, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to bring new life to old products.

Extended Life

NOVUS Plastic Polish is your one stop solution for restoring and revitalizing all plastic, acrylic and fiberglass products. For home or industrial use, NOVUS Plastic Polish has formulated a complete system to restore scratched, faded or discolored plastic materials. It is the best way to make plastic surfaces look better and last longer.

Don't Settle for Anything But the Best

Since 1972, NOVUS Plastic Polish has added new life to plastics, acrylics and fiberglass with easy to achieve professional results. NOVUS Plastic Polish is helping millions win the war against fading, scratching and dulling of plastics that all too often cause the best products to grow old before their time. Try their polishes and you'll see why manufacturers of plastic/acrylic products have used and recommended NOVUS Polishes for years.