At Power Oil Center, we think quality oil, maintenance products and convenience should go hand in hand. We believe with the right knowledge anyone can maintain their vehicle and we love that Power Oil Center can be your source for everything you need to take care of any vehicle.


We've been working with engines and the fluids that keep them running for over 80 years. That’s eight decades of learning about engines while engineering, blending and distributing oil. If it powers a car, truck, motorcycle, lawn mower or other personal vehicle, we’ve seen it.

Our team of chemists and tribologists* are passionate about studying oil and finding out what really works to best lubricate your engine. We use our expertise to offer the best oils on the market. And we take our decades of experience, plus our passion for oil, to bring you the information you need to choose the perfect oil for your engine.

Whether you’ve been working on engines for years or are venturing into it for the first time, you can count on us to be here for you. We are the most convenient place for you to get the trusted products, tips and knowledge you need to maintain any vehicle.

*Tribologists (trai-baa-luh-jist) are experts in the fields of friction, wear and lubrication.



We’re here to give you the confidence you need to get your projects done on time with the right oil and parts. We’ve done the work to make sure that every product we sell is the right fit for your vehicle.  

At Power Oil Center we do our best to put our knowledge on our website. If you can’t find an answer online, ask us anything and we will provide an answer so you can be sure that you have the best information and products to maintain any vehicle.  

We love that we can share our knowledge with you, keep you running or get you started on your next project. We are your trusted source for oil and routine maintenance.