A Unique Expertise

Motul experts develop products that balance performance and productivity with respect for users and the environment. To the engineers at Motul, oil is precious and they reinvent it every day. The more inventive their quest is, the more ingenious they get, and the more they go beyond the routine to craft new solutions.

Optimized Answers

Motul brings performance improvements by applying its extensive knowledge and anticipating the unique situations that may occur in any operation. Their devotion to finding solutions breaks down boundaries and creates a real artistry – one that never rests and is always evolving.

A Passion for Invention

The connection between Motul and its customer, whether a professional or a DIYer, is the key to achieving the seemingly unachievable, to pushing beyond common criteria and to building long-lasting efficiency. They believe in ingenuity and leveraging their skills to get around seemingly impossible constraints.

Historical Know-How

Motul began its first oil-based enterprise in 1853, shortly after the industrial revolution turned the world upside down. They quickly realized that oil was essential to the revolution happening around them and seized the opportunity to focus on innovation excellence – finding the right oil for the right purpose. From Pennsylvania’s first oil rig to the first semi-synthetic oil in 1966 to the first fully synthetic oil on the worldwide market in 1971 to their latest laboratory, Motul has always looked for the best way to address the highly demanding needs from worldwide businesses and consumers alike.