100% Synthetic

The NEO SYNTHETIC OIL COMPANY was established in 1970, when synthetic lubrication was considered more science fiction than science fact. They’re proud to say all NEO lubricants are 100% synthetic. Over the last two decades, NEO lubricants have set the standards by which other lubricants are measured. NEO synthetic lubricants have exceeded all expectations and have become known as the "technological leader".

Technology Driven

Increased performance is not just a sales pitch statement. For NEO, it’s a fact. They’ve spent years developing a high-tech series of synthetic lubricants, which not only meets today's needs, but incorporates tomorrow's most advanced technology. They target formulations to address specific applications — a method that has proven to be successful. The lubricants that you will be using in your car tomorrow, they’ve already developed for the racetrack today.

Long Drain Intervals

Some manufacturers use a special blend of mineral oils and synthetics to help keep costs down. NEO custom makes their oils by using only the finest synthetics available, along with their own special blend of synthetic additives to give you the best protection and performance available on the market today. You may pay a little more for NEO, but they offer a drain interval 3 to 6 times longer than most synthetics and petroleum-based oils.

A History of Success

Success has been a major part of NEO’s history and is certain to be a major part of its future. Throughout its history, NEO has been a part of world championships, land speed records, Indy and Formula 1 championships, and hall of fame records. The future of NEO holds unlimited possibilities in the development of all types of synthetic lubrication.