A Rich History

A multi-generational lubricant, PennGrade 1® stands for a long and continued history of pride, passion, and protection. It comes from the Bradford, Pennsylvania area, where oil was discovered in the late 1800s. Oil from these wells is a superior quality crude with just trace amounts of sulfur and nitrogen and has excellent characteristics for refining into lubricants.

Original Green Oil

“The Original Green Oil®” was first made famous by Kendall in the 1960s. It uses a unique base oil cut from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil. The oil has a unique green color and the ability to stick and cling to metal parts, offering full film strength and prevent excess wear caused by dry startups. PennGrade 1® continues that legacy. It is still the same oil, with excellent film strength and proven additive chemistry.

Ease of Use

PennGrade 1® makes the lubricants that people have come to trust. Whether it’s a race car, classic car, hot rod, muscle car, or a motorcycle, they make the fluids that keeps your engine running. Those looking for peak performance and premium protection can count on fluids from PennGrade 1® now and for years to come.

New Name, Same Oil

In 2015, D-A Lubricant Company, Inc., based in Lebanon, Indiana, purchased the Brad Penn division and changed the name to PennGrade 1®. In response to questions as to whether PennGrade 1® was the same formula as the “original green oil,” D-A Lubricants initiated a test to confirm the oil they were producing was the same formula. The results conclusively proved that it is identical to “the original green oil” produced as Brad Penn Race Oil and first introduced as Kendall GT-1 Racing Oil.