Professional Quality Tools

Motive Products doesn’t accept compromises when it comes to quality. Designed to provide superior durability, all Motive Products are manufactured from premium materials to ensure excellent craftmanship, outstanding reliability, efficiency, and worry-free service for many years.

Great Pride

Since 1998, their products have been used by racers, enthusiasts, home mechanics, and professional mechanics; men and women, young and old. Motive Products are proudly produced in the US. They make tools with great care and the quality of the products is their core focus.

Ease of Use

Motive Products makes life easier for the DIYer. Their tools have been praised as effective, but easy to use, even for people with little or no experience working on cars. Whether it is bleeding brakes, changing differential and transmission fluid or other tasks, they have the right tool for the job.

Born From Necessity

Motive Products was formed in 1998 when Matt Newman needed to bleed the clutch on his BMW. When he couldn’t find an effective tool for less than $200, he invented the Power Bleeder. Now under the ownership of two gearheads, Eric Leicher and Marco Romani, Motive Products continues its mission to make quality products at a reasonable price.