Royal Purple has products designed to help your car, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, and other motorized equipment perform at their absolute best. They are widely recognized for their super-premium line of automotive products. You can make your vehicle more reliable and protect the longevity by giving it the best lubricants, fluids, and filters.


While conventional oil is usually only lightly refined, this does not remove all the impurities. Synthetic oil is engineered to offer better lubrication and cleanliness. Royal Purple‘s premium synthetic motor oils provide superior performance and protection for a variety of vehicle applications.


Synerlac® additive technology enables Royal Purple's products to significantly outperform ordinary synthetic and conventional lubricants. This technology creates high-strength bonds that allows the lubricant to react to sustained heat and pressure with increased film strength and lubricity.


Royal Purple produces a wide range of high-performance lubricants for nearly every consumer and industrial application. It’s founder, John Williams, was a pioneer in the advancement of high-performance synthetic lubricants. Collectively, Royal Purple’s formulation experts have more than 200 years of know-how in developing high performance lubricants. Royal Purple’s sole mission is to create products that significantly outperform other synthetic and mineral based oils.