Driven By Purpose

In today’s constantly evolving fast-paced world, Viscosity Oil is working hard to innovate and provide high-quality products that their customers can rely on. They’re experts in formulation and method development, physical and chemical testing and analysis, and maintaining ISO quality standards. Their driving forces are decreasing your down time, lowering maintenance costs ,and increasing equipment resale value.

Work in Fluid Motion

Viscosity’s investment in technology has helped the company dramatically accelerate product development. Formulas are continually updated and optimized to meet OEM equipment advances. Heavy-duty equipment owners and operators can be confident that they are running the most advanced formulations available.

Pushing Innovation

Keeping machines moving starts with the ability to push innovation forward. That’s why Viscosity leverages a world-renowned R&D laboratory that tests and develops the most advanced formulas with the highest quality standards in the lubricants industry. Designed to stay in pace with all leading equipment manufacturers, their products are researched, developed, and tested to meet and exceed OEM and industry standards.

Fast. Fluid. Forward.

Viscosity Oil’s longevity has been driven by expansion and technological advances. Since their beginning, they’ve been committed to your equipment. They offer a broad product line that includes diesel engine oil, hydraulic fluids, grease and coolants to serve our customers across agriculture, construction and off-highway vehicles throughout North America. Viscosity Oil is an expert in the lubricant market and has been providing quality products and keeping American machines running smoothly for more than 125 years.