Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF - 1 Quart

Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF - 1 Quart

Red Line
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Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF

Additional Information

Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF is a full-synthetic formula designed specifically for use in drag racing automatic transmissions that need the positive shift of a Type-F automatic transmission fluid, yet require ultimate consistency. This ATF contains no slipperiness additives, producing faster shifts and quicker lock-up and can reduce elapsed time in drag racing. Compared to RED LINE RACING ATF, this product maintains a comparably thin viscosity to minimize heat buildup and reduce changes in fluid thickness between rounds.

This product is designed for use where Type-F, Dexron and Mercon fluids are recommended in both bracket and heads-up drag racing transmissions.

About Red Line Automatic Transmission Fluids

Recommended For:
Ford Type F or M2C33F
TH350 and TH400
Chrysler TF727 B
Runo/Lencodrive Coinverters
Lenco/B&J Planetary Trans

Safety and Product Data Sheets

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - 

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