Hiflo Oil Filter HF143 Fits Yamaha YFM250 Bear Tracker, XT225 XT250 XT350 YTM200 YTM225

Hiflo Oil Filter HF143 Fits Yamaha YFM250 Bear Tracker, XT225 XT250 XT350 YTM200 YTM225

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Hiflo Oil Filter

  • Hiflo Premium Filters are made using only top quality materials from well-known manufacturers to ensure consistent quality in our products.
  • Every oil filter undergoes 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory.
  • The entire manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials and individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TUV SUD.
  • All Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels.
Part Number: HF143

Compatible With:

MBK Scooter

125 XC Flame T 1995-1999
125 XC K Flame R 1997-1999
125 XC Flame F 2000-2003
125 XC Vertex 1997

Yamaha ATV

YTM200 K,L,N (Tri Moto) 1983-1985
YTM200 EK,EL,ERN (Tri Moto) 1983-1985
YTM225 DXK,DXL,DXN,DRS (Tri Moto) 1983-1986
YTM225 DRN,DRS 1985-1986
YFM200 N 1985-1989
YFM200 DXS,DXW 1986-1987
YFM225 S,T,U 1986-1990
YFM230 Bear Tracker 2003-2004
YFB250 D,G 1992-1995
YFB250 F,FWF/G/H/K,H,UH,J,UJ,UK Timberwolf 1994-1999
YFB250 FW Timberwolf 2000
YFM250 W 1989-1992
YFM250 ERW,ERA,D 1989-93
YFM250 Bear Tracker 1991-2004
YFM250 Bruin (Foam air filter outer cover) 2006
YFM250 W,X,Y Big Bear (Foam air filter outer cover) 2007-2009

Yamaha Motorcycle

SR125 SE 1980-1999
SR125 3MW 2000-2002
TW125 5EK,5RS 1999-2004
XT125 1982-1986
XT1252YE 1988-1990
XT1252YU 1991-1996
SR185 H,J 1981-1982
BW200 N,S,ES,ET,EU 1985-1988
TW200 T,U,W,A,B,D,E,F (USA) 1987-1994
TW200 H,HC,J,JC,N,NC,P,PC,R,RC Trailway 1996-2003
TW200 S,SC,T,TC,V,VC,W,WC,X,XC,Y,YC,Z,ZC,A1,B1,D1,E1,F1,G1,H1,J1,K1,L1 2004-2020
TW200 M1 2021
TW200 N1 2022
XT200 J,K,KC 1982-1983
XT200 (Japan) 47J
XT225 D,E,F,G.H,J,K,L,M Serow 1992-2000
XT225 N,P,R,S,T,V,W 2001-2007
TT225 S,T 1986-1987
TT-R225 2000-2004
TT-R230 1C6J 2005-2020
TT-R230 2021
TT-R230 2022
SRX250 N,T,CT 1987
XT250 T (Japan) 48Y
XT250 L,LC 1984
BW350 U2JN 1988
TT350 S,T,W 1986-1989
TT350 A,B 1990-1992
XT350 55V, 3YT 1985-1989
XT350 55V, 3YT 1990-2001
TT600 S,E 1997
TT600 E 1999-2000
TT600 R 1999-2003

Yamaha Scooter

XC125 T / K Cygnus R 1995-2003
YJ125 Vino (USA) 2006-2009
150 Fly One 1998-1999

Part Interchanges:

Yamaha: 3UH-E3440-00, 5H0-13440-00, 5H0-13440-09


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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