Reasons Your Ford F150 is Sputtering When Accelerating

There’s nothing better than being on an open road, enjoying a smooth ride in your Ford F150 pickup truck. You roll down your windows and feel fresh breezes on your face, which makes the trip even more enjoyable.

You stop, perhaps to pick up a refreshingly cool drink at a store—and then, when you try to accelerate again, your Ford F150 sputters and the entire experience is ruined.

Plus, you worry about what’s causing that to happen. Well, this article can help so that you can get back on that open road and enjoy your ride again.

Reasons Your Ford F150 is Sputtering When Accelerating

Troubleshooting Problems

Your pickup truck’s engine is supposed to mix fuel and air together in appropriate ratios and then be ignited in the proper way for optimal usage. When an engine sputters, there’s a problem with part of that formula — but diagnosing the issue can take some time and attention because there are many potential causes. Typically, there’s a problem with the exhaust system or the fuel system.

More specifically, the exhaust system seals or gaskets may be worn or damaged. If these aren’t replaced quickly enough, the exhaust manifold could be damaged.

Another potential cause could be faulty oxygen sensors. Replacing these sensors would then solve the sputtering problem.

A third potential cause, and one that is relatively easy to fix, is a problem with the spark plugs. Cleaning or replacing the spark plugs could also resolve the issue. Similarly, some F150 trucks still use spark plug wires and, if yours does, they may have gone bad.

More serious issues include the coil packs that send the spark to the plugs may be faulty and need to be replaced.

Lastly, you may have a cracked or leaking exhaust manifold or a problem with the catalytic converter. If this is the case, the fix is more expensive but still repairable. Other problems could include:

  • Problematic fuel injectors
  • Leaking vacuum system
  • Bad fuel pump
  • Broken motor or transmission mount
  • Blocked air intake
  • Dirty air filter

Many of the problems that cause sputtering (but not all) should cause a “check engine” light to come on. You can use the OBDII diagnostic trouble code that shows up to diagnose the problem or take your vehicle to your favorite mechanic.

Also, make sure that your tires are tightly attached to the wheels. Do you need a wheel alignment? Any problems with axles or u-joints? Could your vacuum hose be torn or disconnected? Could your brake calipers have gotten stuck?

As this list demonstrates, there are numerous reasons why your Ford F150 could sputter when you accelerate—and it could actually be a combination of reasons. Once the problem has been addressed, it’s important to proactively take the best care possible of your pickup truck — including regular maintenance such as timely oil changes.

Reasons Your Ford F150 is Sputtering When Accelerating

F150 Oil Change Interval

Check your owner’s manual for specifics. Typically, if you fall into the category of “normal use” driving, the oil should be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Severe and extreme use will trigger the need for more frequent changes, perhaps every 5,000 miles. You may need to change your oil more frequently than the standard F150 oil change interval if you experience significant stop-and-go driving or drive on dirt or other rough roads.

What’s important is to not wait too long to change the oil in your F150. Over time, the high temperatures in your engine will cause the oil to break down, which means that it can’t provide the level of lubrication that metal parts in your engine need to operate appropriately. They’ll rub against each other, causing wear and tear, with oil particles causing corrosion.

When old oil starts to solidify, then it can’t flow smoothly. This, in turn, can damage an engine to the point where it could need to be rebuilt or replaced.

F150 Oil Change Kits

Our F150 oil change kits contain everything you need with every item included being tested to ensure that it meets your engine’s specs. This oil changing kit includes:

  • 6 quarts of Full Synthetic 5W-30 engine oil
  • 1 oil filter
  • 1 crush washer
  • 1 funnel
  • Oil change sticker

Our oil is designed for the absolute maximum of protection to withstand the tough environment of high-output engines that start and stop — tested and blended in the USA. Plus, our filters either meet or exceed OEM warranty specifications to protect your truck’s engine.

Trust Power Oil Center

When your F150 oil change interval is coming due, you can count on us for your oil change kitPower Oil Center is where quality oil and convenience come together so that you can optimally maintain your vehicle. If you have any questions about what oil change kit to buy or other ways in which you can optimally maintain your Ford F150 pickup truck, just contact us online or call (888) 285-8117.

Reasons Your Ford F150 is Sputtering When Accelerating