Oil Change Questions & Answers - All About Intervals

Knowing when to change your oil—and sticking to that schedule—is key to keeping your engine parts lubricated and running smoothly. If you already know that your oil change is due (or overdue), simply order an oil change kit for your vehicle’s make and model. This kit will contain everything you need to conveniently complete the process.

What Should You Rely on to Determine When to Change Your Oil?

There are plenty of ways to estimate when to change your oil. First, look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual and see what the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. This is a reliable source of information about your make and model, overall.

Each time you change your oil, you can record when the oil is likely to need be changed again. Plus, many vehicles have a dashboard light that comes on when it’s time to change your oil.

For even more granular info, check the oil in your own vehicle. Use a dipstick to see if the level is nearing (or has gone below) the minimum level mark. Inspect the color and consistency, too.

If the amber-colored oil has darkened or thickened, you’ll likely need to change the oil, even if you haven’t reached the standard mileage increment.

Also, listen for grinding noises in your engine. This can indicate that you don’t have enough oil in your vehicle to effectively lubricate engine parts. Having our oil change kits at hand allows you to conveniently change the oil and filter when needed.

Oil Change Questions & Answers - All About Intervals

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Your owner’s manual may recommend a change every 3,000 miles. With newer vehicles, though, engines can often go 5,000 to 7,500 before a change is required.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil in Months?

Traditionally, vehicle manufacturers recommended an oil change every 3,000 or three months, whichever came first.

Mileage recommendations for newer vehicles tend to be longer, as noted in the question above—and so how much you drive and in what conditions will play a role in how often to change your vehicle oil, month-wise.

For example, you’ll want more frequent changes if you drive under severe driving conditions—and people are often surprised by what’s considered “severe.”

If you need to idle your vehicle frequently, engage in stop-and-go driving, drive in hot or freezing temperatures, go over rough terrain, tow, or otherwise add weight to your vehicle by what you carry, this is severe driving—which may require more frequent oil changes.

So, check your oil levels regularly, perhaps monthly, and make sure that you have enough oil to effectively lubricate your engine. Then, you can count on the oil changing kit that our experts put together for your make and model.

Oil Change Questions & Answers - All About Intervals

How Often to Change Synthetic Oil

Typically, you can drive more miles before needing to change your oil if you use synthetic oil. Once again, check your owner’s manual for guidance. It may read that you should switch your oil every 6,000 miles—or even longer.

How Often to Change Synthetic Blend Oil

The manufacturer’s recommendations may be every 7,500 miles or even more (but check yours).

If you use synthetic oil or a synthetic blend, you can easily get the do it yourself oil change kit that will fit your needs.

How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change?

As you can see, you typically don’t need to change your vehicle’s oil as often as people once did, especially when using synthetic or synthetic blend options. That’s the good news.

As a caution, you don’t want to push your luck and go beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations—or to ignore signs that suggest your engine doesn’t have enough oil to effectively do its job.

Engine oil plays key roles in the functioning of your vehicle, including protecting engine parts, pulling heat away from the engine to help prevent overheating, and taking away dirt and debris.

Engine oil does its job well. Over time, though, it becomes less effective from exposure to heat, moisture, and more. The oil thickens, debris forms, and overheating can occur. So, when it’s time, our oil change DIY kit for your make and model will provide what you need for a convenient change.

Oil Change Questions & Answers - All About Intervals

At What Oil Life Percentage Should You Change Your Oil?

Dashboard lights often come on at 15 percent although some mechanics suggest that 20 percent is a better benchmark.

How Often to Change Motorcycle Oil

In general, the advice is the same, meaning to check your owner’s manual. Mineral-based oil may need to be changed every 2,000 miles or even more often while fully synthetic oil may only need a change every 7,000-10,000 miles. Fortunately, we also have oil change kits for motorcycles.

Count on Power Oil Center

You can quickly and easily get a DIY oil change kit that’s specifically put together for your kind of vehicle. Each oil change kit contains exactly the right number of quarts of oil, a high-quality filter, a disposable funnel, and a crush washer.

With a do-it-yourself oil change kit, you don’t need to make an appointment at a busy shop or wait in line at a center that’s first come, first serve.

This saves you time—and you won’t have to pay a single penny for service. Each oil change kit contains a sticker, too, so you’ll know the date/mileage for your next oil change.