Royal Purple Purple Ice® Super Coolant - 12 oz

Royal Purple Purple Ice® Super Coolant - 12 oz

Royal Purple
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About Royal Purple Purple Ice® Cooling System Optimizer
Royal Purple® Purple Ice® is a high performance radiator conditioner. Its advanced 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent provides year-round defense against corrosion and reduces the surface tension of the radiator coolant to help reduce engine temperatures.

Extensive testing confirms Purple Ice reduces coolant temperatures better than comparable products while providing extra corrosion protection

Performance Advantages:

  • Reduces coolant surface tension to allow greater heat transfer, resulting in lower coolant temperatures
  • Reduces hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads, reducing the possibility of engine failure
  • Helps prevent overheating, keeps the system clean and extends the life of the water pump
  • Purple Ice is safe to use with water-only or antifreeze / water blends• Purple Ice is compatible with OEM and stock replacement coolants, including extended-life antifreezes
  • Purple Ice does not contain glycol and is safe and legal for track use

Recommended Treat Rate

  • For use with 50/50 antifreeze / coolant mixture: 1 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity
  • For use with straight water or higher water percentage antifreeze / coolant mixture: 2 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity

Safety and Product Data Sheets

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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