Royal Purple Engine Break-In Oil - 1 Quart

Royal Purple Engine Break-In Oil - 1 Quart

Royal Purple
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Royal Purple Engine Break-In Oil is specifically formulated to provide outstanding wear protection while allowing a quick break-in period for newly built and rebuilt engines. Engine builders have grown increasingly concerned that current engine oils that are API licensed for new cars and trucks do not provide adequate wear protection for freshly built performance engines, particularly those using flat tappet camshafts and lifters. Royal Purple has addressed this issue with Royal Purple® Engine Break-In Oil.

Royal Purple Engine Break-In Oil is formulated to provide the critical wear protection needed by the engine valve train and camshaft while allowing new piston rings to quickly seat to the engine cylinder walls. Engine Break-In Oil combines highly refined mineral base oils (preferred for engine break-in) with an advanced additive package containing elevated levels of zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additive to optimize wear protection during the sensitive engine break-in phase.

Royal Purple Engine Break-in Oil is a fully formulated conventional SAE 10W-30 engine oil and does not require the use of any other chemical additives. We recommend using Engine Break-In Oil for a minimum of 500 - 1,000 miles in street driven gasoline engines to assure that the piston rings are properly seated to the cylinder walls before switching to one of our full synthetic engine oils. If need be, you can use for up to 3,000 miles. Once break-in of the engine is complete, Royal Purple HPS® for street use and light competition, or Royal Purple XPR® for competition use (or simply to get the ultimate in performance and protection), are recommended.

Performance Advantages:

  • Elevated Zinc/Phosphorus Antiwear Additive: Outstanding wear protection during the sensitive engine break-in phase
  • High-Quality Mineral Base Stocks: Excellent lubricity while allowing quick seating of the engine piston rings
  • Exceeds API SJ Performance Requirements: Fully formulated and suitable for up to 3,000 miles of use

Safety and Product Data Sheets

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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