Hiflo Oil Filter HF140 Fits Yamaha YZ450, YZF-R125 Motorcycle

Hiflo Oil Filter HF140 Fits Yamaha YZ450, YZF-R125 Motorcycle

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Hiflo Oil Filter

  • Hiflo Premium Filters are made using only top quality materials from well-known manufacturers to ensure consistent quality in our products.
  • Every oil filter undergoes 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory.
  • The entire manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials and individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TUV SUD.
  • All Hiflofiltro oil filters meet or exceed original equipment performance levels.
Part Number: HF140

Compatible With:

Gas Gas Motorcycle

EC250 F 4T 2012-2015
EC250 F Six Days 2012-2015
EC300 F 4T 2013-2015
EC450 F 4T 2013-2015

Husqvarna Motorcycle

SMR125 4T 2012
SMS4 125 4T 2011-2013
TE125 4T 2011-2013

Yamaha ATV

YFM250 R-X,Y,Z,A,B,D Raptor 2008-2013
YFM250 RSE-X,Y Raptor SE 2008-2009
YFM250 RSE2-Y Raptor SE2 2009
YFM250 RSP-A Raptor SE 2011
YFM250 R Raptor SE Custom 2008
YFZ450 W,X,Y,Z,A,B,D 2007-2013
YFZ450 R-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J,K 2009-2019
YFZ450 YSXL-L YFZ450R 2020
YFZ450 YSXL-M YFZ450R 2021
YFZ450 RSE-W,X,Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J,K Special Edition 2007-2019
YFZ450 YSS-LM/R YFZ450R Special Edition 2020
YFZ450 YSS-M YFZ450R Special Edition 2021
YFZ450 X-Z,A 2010-2011
YFZ450 XSE-A SE 2011
YFZ450 XBB-Z Bill Ballance Edition 2010
YFZ450 SE2-W Special Edition2 2007
YFZ450 BB-W Bill Ballance Edition 2007

Yamaha Motorcycle

MT125 (ABS) 5D7 2015-2019
MT125 (ABS) 2020
YZF-R125 A ABS BR6 2015-2018
YZF-R125 A ABS B5G 2019-2020
WR250 F-Y,Z,A,B,D,E 5UM,1HB,1HC 2009-2014
WR250 F-F,G,H,J,K 3GB 2015-2019
WR250 F-L 2020
WR250 F-M 2021
WR250 F-N1 2022
WR250 R-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J 32D1/5/B 2009-2018
WR250 R-K,L 2019-2020
WR250 X-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F 32D2/6/C 2009-2015
XT250 Y,YC,Z,ZC,A,AC,B,BC,D,DC,E,EC,F,FC,G,GC,H,HC,J1,J1C,K1,K1C.L1,L1C,M,MC 2009-2021
XT250 N 2022
YBR250 5D1 2008-2012
YZ250 F-Y,Z,A,B,D 2009-2013
YZ250 F-E,F,G,H,J 2014-2018
YZ250 F-K,L 2019-2020
YZ250 F-M 2021
YZ250 F-N 2022
YZ250 F 2023
YZ250 F-MME Monster 2021
YZ250 F-NME Monster 2022
YZ250 F-GY 60th Anniversary Edition 2016
YZ250 FX-F,G,H,J 2015-2019
YZ250 FX-L1,M 2020-2021
YZ250 FX-N 2022
WR450 F-Y,Z,A,B,D,E.F 5TJ,1HB,1DX 2009-2015
WR450 F-G,H,J 2016-2018
WR450 F-K 2019
WR450 F-L 2020
WR450 F-M 2021
WR450 F-N 2022
YZ450 F-Y 34P 2009
YZ450 F-Z,A,B,D 33D 2010-2013
YZ450 F-E,F,G,H 1SL 2014-2017
YZ450 F-J,K 2018-2019
YZ450 F-L 2020
YZ450 F-M 2021
YZ450 F-N 2022
YZ450 F-MME Monster 2021
YZ450 F-NME Monster 2022
YZ450 F-G 60th Anniversary Edition 2016
YZ450 FX-F,G,H,J 2015-2018
YZ450 FX-K 2019
YZ450 FX-L 2020
YZ450 FX-M 2021
YZ450 FX-N 2022

Yamaha Scooter

YP125 R X-Max 2DM 2015-2017
YP125 RA X-Max ABS 2015-2019
YP125 X-Max 125 Tech Max BL27 2020

Part Interchanges:

Husqvarna: 8000H4235
Yamaha: 1S4-E3440-00, 38B-E3440-00, 5D3-13440-00, 5D3-13440-01, 5D3-13440-02, 5D3-13440-09


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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