Power Oil Center Now Offers Oil Change Kits from CRAFTSMAN®

As we continue to find the best fluids and engine products for vehicles and power equipment, we’re proud to introduce one of the most iconic brands in America to our line-up. Power Oil Center is now selling and distributing CRAFTSMAN® Oil Change Kits.

Each Oil Change Kit includes the exact amount of high-quality, OEM approved and certified synthetic engine oil for your engine, a filter designed for an exact fit and extended life, the crush washer needed for your vehicle, an oil funnel, and an oil change reminder sticker.

At Power Oil Center, we make it as convenient as possible to change your own oil. You don’t have to go to the store and hope you can find everything you need. Our team of experts have done the research and you can be sure that when you open that box (yes, the one that was delivered right to your door), you’ll have everything you need to complete your oil change. Heck, we even guarantee it.

It is the ultimate tool for your oil change.

Perfect Partnership

We believe this partnership with CRAFTSMAN® is a perfect match. Along with the decades of experience, both Power Oil Center and CRAFTSMAN® are rooted in the do-it-yourselfer. We believe that with the right knowledge and right equipment, anyone can maintain their vehicle. Similarly, CRAFTSMAN® considers “that time spent with tools should be time well spent. CRAFTSMAN users look for reasons to get their hands dirty. They take pride in every accomplishment from the simplest oil change to coaxing a few more horsepower from their favorite ride.”

At Power Oil Center, we think quality oil, maintenance products and convenience should go hand in hand. We love that Power Oil Center can be your source for everything you need to take care of any vehicle. We've been working with engines and the fluids that keep them running for over 80 years. That’s eight decades of learning about engines while engineering, blending and distributing oil. If it powers a car, truck, motorcycle, lawnmower or other personal vehicles, we’ve seen it.

American Made

For nearly a century, CRAFTSMAN® has been the brand homeowners, home builders, auto enthusiasts, and master mechanics trust. It is an authentic American icon.

CRAFTSMAN® oil and fluids are proudly made in Golden Valley, Minnesota with global materials. They are formulated from high-quality base stocks specifically for use in small engine applications. All CRAFTSMAN® fluids are designed just like their tools — to exceed your expectations. You can depend on them to work as hard as you do and for CRAFTSMAN® and Power Oil Center to stand behind those products.

To see all the Craftsman Oil Change Kits available, check out our product page.

Craftsman Oil Change Kits