Factory Racing Parts Oil Change Kits

If you’re getting ready to change the oil in your vehicle, the last thing you want is to suddenly find you’re missing something. Or, even worse, you get to the parts store only to find the filter or crush washer you need is out of stock.

The Right Fit


Factory Racing Parts offers an easy way to get everything you need for your oil change in one box — sent right to your door. Each oil change kit contains the right amount of oil, a filter, a crush washer, a disposable funnel, and an oil change sticker. It really can’t get more convenient than that.


What’s even better is that Factory Racing Parts has taken all the guesswork out of the process. They’ve put in the work to guarantee the right fit. When your oil change kit reaches your door, you can be sure the oil will be the right viscosity, the filter will be for your vehicle, and the crush washer will fit just right.

Built by Gearheads


Factory Racing Parts is built on years of lubricant expertise. With beginnings in the auto racing industry in the 1960s, they saw the consumer need for quality parts in the mid-1980s and eventually moved on to formulating their own oils and selling products online. Their team of chemists, engineers and motor experts formulate premium fluids in a state-of-the-art lab and testing facility to bring only the best products to you.


The team knows how engines work and they know what’s good for them. They want to pass that knowledge on to you. They guarantee that if you purchase a Factory Racing Parts oil change kit, it will include the exact items you need to change your oil, and they’ve also used those decades of know-how to find the highest quality parts for that kit.

Premium Protection


Factory Racing Parts uses synthetic oils in their oil change kits. It has been proven that synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil, helps your engine run better, and provides better protection. The molecules in synthetic oil are engineered to be consistent and uniform in size. That stability enables the fluid to last longer and provide better protection, especially in extreme conditions, such as very cold temperatures, high heat, towing, or high-revving powersports engines.

And, let’s be real here. If you’re going to put something in your engine, you want it to be something you can trust. The team at Factory Racing Parts are gearheads through and through. They’re passionate about performance and do everything they can to bring that same level of performance to you.

Reviews of Factory Racing Parts Oil Change Kits

Factory Racing Parts SAE 10W-40 Full Synthetic 4 Quart Oil Change Kit for Kawasaki review from Ens1380 on Amazon

“I ordered this oil kit for my husband’s Vulcan 800 so we could go riding last weekend. It came in two days just on time! He said it had everything he needed to change the oil. He said the oil was good because it was full synthetic and had a certification logo called JASO for Japanese motorcycles…”

Factory Racing Parts SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic 6 Quart Oil Change Kit for Ford review from Keep it Classy SD on Amazon

“Shipped quickly, was packed well so everything arrived in excellent condition and came with everything needed to change the oil. Even included a window decal to note the next oil change date/miles. Everything seems like excellent quality, no issues at all. Perfect for DYI oil change.”

Power Oil Center carries all the oil change kits Factory Racing Parts offers. A Factory Racing Parts do-it-yourself oil change kit can save you money and time. You can get an oil change kit delivered directly to your door instead of going to the lube shop or dealership for your oil change intervals.