Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L Oil Change Guide

If you are planning on changing the oil in your Toyota Avalon, we've got all of the information you need to get the job done. Below we've got instructions for your Avalon oil change, all of the service information you'll need, fun facts, and a video to walk you through your Toyota oil change step-by-step.

For more help, we offer oil change kits to give you everything you need for your oil change: 4.5 quarts of 0W-20 synthetic oil, an oil filter, a crush washer, a funnel, and an oil change reminder sticker. 

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  • 0W-20 engine oil
  • Oil filter
  • Crush washer
  • 14mm wrench or 14mm socket and ratchet, 3/8 extension
  • Drain pan
  • 64mm oil filter wrench or Toyota filter wrench (39564-10944)
  • Rags
  • Funnel
  • High-flash solvent (like brake cleaner, acetone, or paint thinner)

Oil Change Instructions

Engine Oil and Filter Change 

  1. After warming up the engine safely situate the vehicle so that you can access the drain bolt and oil filter housing.  
  2. Place the drain pan beneath the engine and use the 14mm wrench or socket to remove the drain bolt and let drain.
  3. Replace the drain bolt washer with a new one and tighten the drain bolt. 
  4. Remove the oil filter housing drain cap with the 3/8 extension and then use the provided spout tool to drain the housing by pushing it up into the filter housing. 
  5. Remove the oil filter housing using the 64 mm oil filter socket. 
  6. Replace the oil filter along with the 2 O-rings on the filter housing. 
  7. Reinstall and tighten the filter housing along with the housing drain cap. 
  8. Pour in the specified amount of oil and then start the engine to circulate, build oil pressure and then shut off. 
  9. Check engine oil level and add oil if necessary.

Oil life reset / Maintenance required reset 

Vehicles without Navigation display: 

With vehicle ignition switched to ON position make sure the odometer is showing Tripometer A then turn the ignition switch to OFF position.  

While holding the TRIP/RESET or MODE button switch the ignition switch to the ON position. 

Hold down the knob for at least 5 seconds. The odometer indicates “000000” and the light goes off. If the system fails to reset, the light will continue flashing.

Vehicles with Navigation display:   

On the Navigation screen press SETUP. Then touch VEHICLE then MAINTENANCE. Select the desired item in which you need to reset (ie Engine oil,oil filter, tire rotation, etc), From here fill in the requested fields with the new NEXT SERVICE interval. 

Press OK when complete.

Get Everything You Need In One Box

A Craftsman Oil Change Kit comes with the oil, filter, crush washer, funnel, and oil change sticker you need to change the oil on your Toyota Avalon.

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  • Viscosity: SAE 0W-20
  • Capacity: 6.1L (6.4 qt) (When filter is removed.)
  • Coolant Capacity: 2.3 gal.
  • Oil change interval: 10,000 Miles
  • Oil Filter: 045152-YZZA1
  • Air Filter: 17801-31131
  • Battery: 34R


2013 Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L 

2014 Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L 

2015 Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L 

2016 Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L 

2017 Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L 

2018 Toyota Avalon V6 3.5L


  1. Toyota vehicles are so reliable that eighty percent of Toyotas sold 20 years ago are still on the road today.
  2. Toyota is the world's leading manufacturer of hybrid vehicles with more than 1,700,000 Toyota hybrids currently on the road.