Red Line C+ ATF - 1 Quart

Red Line C+ ATF - 1 Quart

Red Line
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Red Line C+ ATF

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RED LINE C+ ATF provides the exact frictional characteristics required in the MS7176 specification, providing proper shift feel and proper lockup torque converter operation as well as improved oxidation and sludge protection. The use of an improper fluid could cause torque converter shudder or harsh shifting. Red Line C+ ATF also provides the best low temperature shiftability in automatic transmissions allowing proper shifting at extremely low temperatures and will flow down to temperatures as low as -60°C. The improved wear protection makes C+ ATF the perfect automatic transmission or transaxle fluid for Chrysler vehicles.

About Red Line Automatic Transmission Fluids

Recommended For:
Chrysler ATF+4/ATF+3/ATF+2/ATF+
Type 7176/7176E
Type 9602
Mitsubishi Diamond SP

Safety and Product Data Sheets

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - 

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