Red Line 10W-30 Motor Oil (1 Qt)

Red Line 10W-30 Motor Oil (1 Qt)

Red Line
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Red Line

10W30 Motor Oil - quart

Part Number: 11304

Red Line, RED-11304

Designed to provide the highest degree of protection and cleanliness for your engine. We use the most stable synthetic components available and formulate our products for wear protection across a wide range of operating conditions. Red Line Motor Oil lubricants contain polyol ester basestocks, the only lubricants which can withstand the tremendous heat of modern jet engines, which makes our motor oil a necessity to properly lubricate a turbocharger or hot- running engine. The synthetic basestocks have a natural multigrade property, which means that large amounts of unstable polymeric thickeners are not required to manufacture our multigrades. Red Line Synthetic Motor oils will provide better protection than a petroleum oil of the next higher viscosity grade at low rpms and two protects better than two higher viscosity grades at high shear conditions. Most importantly, Red Line Motor Oils can significantly reduce engine wear, which means a longer useful life for your engine.

10W30: Best all-weather viscosity grade for gasoline engines in cars and light trucks that are driven on the street on a daily basis. Reduces turbo lag and provides more power and economy while providing thicker bearing oil films at operating temperature than a petroleum 10W-40. Best all-round, synthetic oil for stock or slightly modified engines in high- performance cars that are street-driven. Best choice to replace a 5W-30 or 10W-30, petroleum-based or other-brand synthetic oil if maximum durability is preferred. Acceptable for engines that are occasionally operated in extreme cold weather.


    • Formulated for turbo protection
    • Highest film-strength available
    • Provides upper cylinder wear protection
    • Increases high-temperature oil pressure
    • Protects bearings at high speeds and temperatures
    • Reduces cam and lifter wear
    • Prevents foaming even at high speeds
    • Increases fuel economy
    • Reduces engine temperatures
    • Increases engine durability
    • Flows well in very cold climates

Compatible with petroleum and most synthetic oils

  • Compatible with seals designed for petroleum
  • Satisfies warranty requirements of API SH/SG/SF/CE/CD/CC
  • Allows extended drains in non-warranty vehicles

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