From Practical to Peculiar - Crazy Car Mods

In this blog, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and show you a few crazy car modifications we found on the web.

Although you can find some completely bizarre car modifications out there, we thought we’d first share a few that are at least somewhat practical. We did leave some really fun ones for later, though!

Top-Down Prius

First, most people think that convertibles are pretty cool. On the flip side, there are a lot of readers that would say a Toyota Prius is far from cool. So, what do you get if you modify a Prius and make it a convertible? Well, we’re thinking it leans towards the cool side!

Far Out Fords

Similarly, here’s a couple of Ford trucks that have gone through some crazy modifications. And even with what the owners did with these trucks, they still maintain a level of practicality.

Carrying Capacity Civic

Speaking of trucks, who says they have to be big? In this mod, a Honda Civic has been transformed into a working vehicle. Now this may not carry as much as an F150, but somehow, they managed to link a sporty car with better carrying capacity.

Tractor Hacks

In case you thought of combining two types of vehicles, why not meld your car with a tractor? Or perhaps a better question is “why combine a car with a tractor?” Honestly, we have absolutely no idea why. But at least two have done it and they look like this:

Hack to the Future

On the other hand, if you’re going to build your own limo, instead of using a tractor, why not do it in style? 

To paraphrase Marty McFly from Back to the Future, “You built a limo…out of a DeLorean?!?!


In another odd mixture, this person has mounted their SUV on what appears to be the chassis of a tractor-trailer rig. Well, at least they have good sightlines when on the freeway. Although, using the drive-thru for fast food probably isn’t an option.

Wood Working

Next, we want to share a mod that seems to work, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend. Your car has suffered front-end damage and replacement parts are expensive. So, rather than taking your car to a body shop, you take a trip to Home Depot.

Animalistic Alterations

Lastly, here are two ridiculously crazy mods. We know there are animal lovers everywhere. If you’re also a car person, why not bring your love of animals to your vehicle?

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